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Social Studies

Elementary Social Studies


About Us

K-5 Social Studies program operates, as a part of the Elementary Curriculum & Instruction team, to support the implementation of the NC Standard Course of Study (SCoS) and promote best instructional practices in Elementary Social Studies.
At the elementary level, children develop the crucial concepts that form the foundation of the entire social studies program. The elementary social studies curriculum introduces important concepts and generalizations from history, geography, and other social sciences through an integrated study of children and their families, homes, schools, neighborhoods, and communities so that in these early years, students establish a beginning sense of efficacy as participating citizens. Social studies at this level provides students with the skills needed for problem solving and decision making, as well as for making thoughtful value judgments. Each year presents a unique focus.

    • Kindergarten: Self and Families/ Families around the World
    • First Grade: Neighborhoods and Communities
    • Second Grade: Regional Studies: Local, State, United States and World
    • Third Grade: Citizenship: People Making a Difference
    • Fourth Grade: North Carolina Geography and History
    • Fifth Grade: United States History: Canada, Mexico, and Central America

Through professional development and consultative services related to the teaching-learning process, Elementary Social Studies staff share current trends and research regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment with schools through school based teacher leaders and instructional resource teachers.

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